Our farm was purchased by Mike’s grandfather, AJ Morris in 1921 and we purchased it from his dad in 1992.  As his father and his father before us we kept the farming tradition going.  Many animals have been born on this farm, at our peak we had 50 beef cows calving and 170 sheep, laying hens and rabbits.  There has even been a horse or two.

Our decision to transform our building into offseason storage was a hard one, but once made the renovations began.  The hip roof barn, where Mike’s grandfather used to milk cows, was the last to be renovated.  Now called Lor’s Shed, to which we have managed to keep the rustic charm, is the showcase for all items available to rent.  The business is not limited to just Lor’s shed, we have been collecting antiques for over 20 years and they are displayed throughout the buildings.

Our passion for antiques and my passion for scrapbooking and crafting have melded into this business of bringing customized country charm to your event.  The last barn wedding we did for Matt and Kayla Popper  has truly been the inspiration for our wanting to bring the country to everyone.

To all of our friends and family – thank you – You have all helped us in so many ways!!

Now let’s get that country lifestyle and spread it around.

Mike & Lorie Morris & Holly